Yes, currently our insurance provisions do not allow us to rent to anyone under 25 years of age. Please note, as defined in the rental agreement, the insurance excess will vary depending upon your age.

Yes, please provide us with your travel insurance policy details prior to commencing your tour. Also, please double check that your travel insurance policy includes provisions for motorcycle riding of the capacity bike you are hiring, as many insurance providers typically exclude motorcycle riding unless specifically requested.

No, you do not specifically need an Australian drivers licence if travelling from overseas. The motorcycle licence issued to you in your country of origin will need to be carried with you at all times while riding in Australia. Please note, your licence must clearly display the endorsement for the capacity motorcycle you are renting. If your licence is not in English, please provide us with a certified translation or an International Driving Permit that shows the necessary motorcycle endorsement. You must carry these with you at all times while riding in Australia.

Yes, although our guided tours start and finish in close proximity to Melbourne Airport, so an additional transfer is not generally required. For our self-guided tour customers we will meet you at Melbourne Airport or a Melbourne CBD hotel to deliver your bike and conduct a familiarisation, collect any excess baggage and send you on your way.

Yes, we have a limited stock of good quality riding equipment for hire. Please contact us in advance to confirm availability and rates.

To finalise the rental agreement prior to commencement of your tour, you will need to provide us with evidence of a valid motorcycle licence in your country of origin (and the required level of riding experience) as well as passport, visa and credit card (for security bond).

No, sorry, our insurance provisions do not cover rental of our fleet to learner permit riders.

Reservation & Accommodation

We will require a 20% deposit once the itinerary is set and the booking is confirmed, with the remainder required 30 days prior to commencement of the guided tour. A security deposit, in the form of a credit card authorisation, is required at the time of arrival and prior to commencement of the tour.

Most of our customers book a motorcycle touring holiday several months in advance, and we in turn book our tour accommodation and pay deposits several months in advance. So long as you provide Scenic Wheels with adequate notice we are confident that we can re-book your tour at no cost to you. However, a cancellation notice period of 30 days will result in 20% loss of booking fee, a notice period of between 7 and 29 days will incur 50% loss of booking fee, and less than 7 days notice will incur between 80-100% loss of booking fee.

The price of a guided tour is based on one room per customer. Pricing is not based on twin share accommodation unless it is specifically requested by two customers who are happy to room share, in which case a price reduction can be provided. Dependant upon the location, some accommodation is villa/apartment based, whereby two customers may share a two bedroom apartment. However, even in this instance, our customers will always have the privacy of their own room.

While we reserve our right to cancel or adjust tour itineraries prior to commencement, we will proceed with a guided tour so long as we have a minimum of five customers per tour. The only time we will cancel a tour, or an individual leg of a tour, is due to safety concerns resulting from extreme weather conditions.


On a guided tour the average is 250-300km (155-185mi) per day.  Our tours are a mix of great motorcycling and time to enjoy your holiday destination, so you will never feel rushed or pressured to get somewhere. On a self-guided tour the average distance per day is the same, although this can be tailored to suit your requirements.

We have a support vehicle on all guided tours to take care of any unexpected mechanical mishaps. On any of our tours, if your bike cannot be ridden we will do everything within our power to get you a replacement bike as soon as humanly possible. Also, we are generally always within 24hrs of a BMW dealership.

Generally, our guided tours consist of 10-15 riders, plus pillions, plus two Scenic Wheels tour guides.

Our fleet is all late model BMW touring motorcycles. Models include R1200RT, R1200GS, S1000XR, F800GT and F800GS

Yes, although there are only a limited number of spots on each guided tour for ‘bring your own bike’ customers. Please contact us for specific conditions. Also please note, only bikes of a certain age and condition are allowed on tour so as to not negatively impact other customers.

On a guided tour, we instruct the tour group on how to ‘mark corners’ and we also have a follow vehicle whose job it is to ensure no rider gets left behind. On a self-guided tour your bike comes fitted with a BMW Motorrad GPS programmed with your detailed itinerary. We will provide you with instruction on how to use the GPS before you set off and we will also provide you with contact details for our office before you go, so if you need to, please call us any time and we will set you on the right path to your next destination.

Yes, most definitely. There is an additional premium for pillion passengers on each guided and self-guided tour. Please contact us for additional information.

Yes, with the exception of the Great Ocean Road Escape (which is a 6-day tour) all other guided tours include one rest day to allow you time to explore your holiday destination.

On guided tours, most breakfast and evening meals are included in the price of the tour.  If you advise us in advance we will make sure the restaurant takes specific dietary requirements into account.  On self-guided tours meals are not included in the stated price, although meals, tourist attractions, etc can be included as part of the customisation process.

On a guided tour we can carry one suitcase or bag per person in the luggage trailer. On a self-guided tour you will need to be self-sufficient, however, we can collect and securely store you’re excess baggage for the duration of your tour.