Ashley F:

Jason and Alex surpassed my expectations with service and friendliness. Scenic Wheels were not the only choice available for my tour from Melb to Sydney. However after exchanging a few enquiring emails, it became clear to me that it was a family run business which aimed for complete customer satisfaction.

They took the time to design a suggested route ( self guided ) to Sydney over 5 days, after taking my wish list into consideration.

I have used several hire companies over the world, and Scenic Wheels was awesome. I am about to book another trip with them. pjimage

Have you ever wanted to explore the best of Victoria’s back roads but didn’t have a group to ride with? Have you ever wanted to visit regional sights and tourist attractions but lacked the peace of mind and planning that comes with a fully supported tour group?

Now you can join a Scenic Wheels ‘Bring Your Own Bike’ guided tour for a fully supported group ride on the comfort of your own bike.

We are putting the finishing touches to our new 1 day and 2 day weekend BYO Bike guided tours which start in February. Keep your eyes out for these new tours designed to get your bike out of the shed and on the road.

Cheers J

While you can usually find us out on a quiet country road touring through the countryside and taking in spectacular scenery, a few days ago we were back at Phillip Island GP Circuit getting around on a S1000RR. I subscribe to the view that motorcycling is fun, no mater what you’re riding and where you’re doing it (uh hum…I know a few people who will argue with me about this!) but I have to say, no matter how many times I ride Philip Island, there are many high speed corners that when I finish a session I have a sore face from the constant grin plastered all over my ugly mug  😛

Heres a few pics from the latest effort. Cheers J

IMG_3757 IMG_3745 IMG_3751 IMG_3754